What Is Local SEO and Why Local Search Matters


Local SEO and Why Local Search Matters

Searching locally is an essential component to any SEO strategy that targets customers in an area such as a city, neighborhood, or even a town.

Simply stated locally SEO is the process of focusing on improving your visibility and rankings on local search results such as Google’s Map Pack or Local Pack.

Organic SEO helps increase your website’s rankings in organic search results. How well your website performs in these organic results can positively impact the impact of your Local Pack rankings, as well.

Organic listings offer another fantastic chance for local businesses to be found by interested searchers when Google decides that the query is of a local nature.

Therefore, even though local search and SEO organic are connected in this way however, each needs a distinct strategy that employs different optimization strategies.

Let’s start from the beginning of the story – what’s local SEO? And why should local SEO be considered?

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO and Why Local Search Matters

Local SEO refers to the practice of optimizing search engines for local results in search.

On Google this means helping your listing on the Map or Local Pack get higher rankings and show up more often when responding to more relevant searches.

Remember the most recent time you went wandering around the globe, looking for something you wanted. Perhaps it was [men’s footwear or [daycare services or coworking spaces.

Google’s goal is to give its users the best possible answer for every query.

If its algorithms recognize that your search is local, that you’re looking for something within the region surrounding you – the Map Pack results will appear prominently on the first page of results for your search.

They could be enhanced with organic information about the services and businesses in your neighborhood, too.

If you search for something similar to [Mexican restaurants are now open] Local results might show up as the default display over all organic content. Google has determined that you’ve got an immediate local requirement.

The details available on local searches such as the business’s name, address and phone number, as well as the website’s address video and photos reviews from customers, star ratings, and much more will more likely satisfy your needs than a simple blue link.