Project Description

YORK Project & construction Management L.L.C

YORK Project & construction Management L.L.C is a member of Ahmed Almazrouei Group L.L.C founded in 1989 with (+800) Staff Member, a leader in developing new business opportunities through a team of highly qualified professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, providing services across a spectrum of regional markets. The key to our success is our strategic vision and what the group and its staff value.

YORK Project & construction Management L.L.C offers a full range of construction and project management services to public and private sector entities. We provide our clients with project management services covering a wide range of projects, including: Buildings (Residential & Commercial), Educational Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Hospitality ( Hotels & Resorts ), Governmental & Corporate Facilities, Military & Defense Projects, Infrastructure (Roads & Utilities), Oil & Gas ( None Processing ), Telecommunications & Technology and Environmental.

YORK Project & construction Management L.L.C brings a unique perspective to managing projects by combining global expertise and resources with deep understanding of the specific conditions of the local construction industry, full knowledge of local work culture, regulations & permitting processes, as well as strong engineering background and through understanding clients’ needs and objectives.