Terms & Conditions

The following are the basic terms and conditions of services offered through Qoratech which are applicable to any work done by Qoratech for its customers.

Fees And Deposits

Down payment in the amount of 50 % of the total amount due according to our quote is required before us being able to begin the work, with the balance due on the task completed to your complete satisfaction. The payment is contingent upon the conditions of this document’s “approval of work” and “rejected work” clauses Qoratech reserves the right not to proceed with any work until the initial deposit is fully paid.

It is important to note that the deposit cannot be refunded if we fail to fulfill our obligations under the contract. If you decide to terminate the agreement without our fault following the beginning and before the work is completed, you will not be eligible to receive reimbursement or reimbursement of your deposit.

Supply Of Information And Materials

You agree to provide all the information and materials you require so we can finish the task by the terms of the agreement. Suppose there is any delay in the supply of these materials, which causes delays in the conclusion of the work. In that case, We can extend the time previously agreed-upon deadlines by any reasonable amount of time.

Additionally, suppose you fail to provide us with the required information or materials, leading to a delay in the project’s development. In that case, We are entitled to bill you for any portion of your project, even if it is already completed.

Be aware that any time estimates we provide are contingent upon your complete cooperation. Since we’ll need your input during the development process to allow us to proceed to the next phase, we advise that you choose an individual to be our contact point and ensure that the representative is always available to ensure that the project is moving ahead.

Revisions To The Work

It is, of course, possible to modify the design throughout development. We can limit the number of modifications to a reasonable amount and reserve our right to raise charges for you for any additional improvements that go above and beyond the specifications initially planned.

Approval Of The Work

As well as making adjustments during the development phase, you’ll be able to look over the project after it has been completed and after its completion. You have seven days to inform us of any modifications you need, and your work is deemed accepted. After approval (whether explicit or impliedly), the result will not be able to be denied, the work is considered to be completed, and the balance is due.

Intellectual Property

You must acquire all required permissions for any graphics, copy trademarks, logos, etc., you provide us to be used on your application, website, or other projects we take on for you.

We will indemnify you from any legal action brought against us concerning the content on your site or other pieces of work we develop for you.

Search Engines

We cannot promise any specific placement on the search engine results webpages (SERPs). We implement search engine optimization using the latest best practices.


We promise not to, at any point, divulge any of your personal information to any other third party.

Additional Expenses

We will reimburse you for any charges not included in the original proposal. Examples of such costs could include but aren’t restricted to, the purchase of templates for websites and third-party software and the purchase of stock photos, the registration of a domain name, web hosting costs, and other similar costs.

Backup Of Information

You are responsible for managing the backups of your website. We are not responsible for restoring lost data from clients except in instances where the loss resulted from an error or negligence.

Browse Compatibility

With the help of modern software for managing content, we will strive to ensure that every site we develop is compatible with the latest web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Ownership Of Domain Name

If we can purchase domain name registrations and web hosting on your behalf, We will provide you with the information for your account when we’ve been reimbursed for any expenses related to the purchase we’ve paid.


For any e-commerce websites we develop for your use, you are responsible for ensuring that you comply with all applicable lawful e-commerce regulations. In addition, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless and defend  Qoratech and its subcontractors from any loss or claim that arises from the (or clients’) use of Internet online commerce.