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Data is powerful. It helps businesses find opportunity and maximize marketing efficiency. So it’s no surprise that businesses are collecting more data than ever before.

But somehow, more data doesn’t always translate into valuable, actionable Data analytics insights.

If you can’t separate signal from noise – and extract the insights that help you boost marketing performance – then your data collection is a story of lost opportunity.

Think Tank Vision drives marketing success by infusing data with context to drive informed action. By collecting and visualizing data, and teaming up data experts with cross-disciplinary teams of marketers, we lay the foundations for smarter strategic decisions.


Data analytics requires technical skill and expertise, but it’s not all number-crunching. A strong partner should demonstrate:

  • A business mindset. It’s critical to measure marketing performance, but ultimately the point is to drive business impact. A strong data analytics partner should constantly be looking to tie marketing activities to business goals.

  • Effective teamwork. Numbers don’t speak for themselves, and even smart analysts can miss important trends without specialist expertise. Interpreting the data should be a team effort.

  • Clear communication. A sharp analysis isn’t useful if no one communicates it. Your data analytics team should be regularly and clearly explaining what they’re finding and helping you make sense of it.



Assembling the data

We collect and bring together all available data so we can make maximum use of it. We ensure website analytics are properly set up and tracking the right goals and conversions. Beyond your website, we typically use a range of tools to collect and visualize data, from Meltwater for social listening to SEMRush for search performance. We also integrate data from ad platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager or Google Ads.


Seeing is believing

Together, we decide upon KPIs that measure progress against your defined goals and objectives, and ensure that we’re set up to track those KPIs. We typically set up a marketing dashboard to make it easy to measure progress, using tools such as Power BI, Google Data Studio, or Tableau.Visualization combines data streams from across your business into one big picture – and that can be a game-changer. It’s especially powerful when we can integrate operational data from your business and start drawing deeper connections between marketing activities and business goals.


Making an informed recommendation

We report to you regularly, typically monthly, about the performance of your marketing as well as the insights and trends we’re seeing.

In developing insights, cross-disciplinary collaboration is critical. Paid media specialists or copywriters often have ideas about why one audience or message is outperforming others. Testing out these theories allows us to iterate intelligently, resulting in better-performing marketing.

Data Analytics Business Intelligence