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Logo design is the process of creating a symbol, mark, or emblem that represents a company, organization, or brand. The goal of a logo is to be memorable, easily recognizable, and to communicate the values, identity, and mission of the entity it represents.

    The process of creating a logo typically involves several steps, including:

    1. Research: The designer begins by researching the company or brand and its competitors, as well as the target audience and industry trends.
    2. Brainstorming and sketching: The designer creates multiple rough sketches and ideas for the logo, experimenting with different styles, colors, and typography.
    3. Refinement: The designer selects the most promising concepts and refines them into a few polished designs.
    4. Presentation: The designer presents the final logo options to the client, along with explanations of the design choices.
    5. Feedback and revisions: The client provides feedback on the designs, and the designer makes revisions based on the feedback.
    6. Finalization: The designer delivers the final logo files to the client, including different versions for different uses such as print, digital, or social media.

    A good logo design should be simple, unique, and versatile, able to work well in different sizes and contexts. It should also be appropriate for the brand’s identity and target audience. A well-designed logo can help to create brand recognition, build trust, and establish a professional image.


    Consumers see more logos today than ever but only remember a select few. Great logos embody their brand, tell a unique story, and speak values loudly – they stand for something.

    While most brands know what they stand for, realizing their ideas in a symbol is a daunting challenge. And more than 18 years of building brands have taught us that memorable logos don’t happen by accident.

    At Qoratech, our logo design process is informed by high-quality research and sound strategy. Our team goes hands-on with clients to create a logo that makes an accurate impression – something your audience can rally behind and rep with pride.


    • Innovative brands know a logo is a powerful storytelling device. Today’s iconic brand symbols enjoy their status because they instantly associate with moments, emotions, and attitudes. But they don’t start like this. They earn that space in the consumer’s mind.

    • To forge this bond with an audience, your brand must take the time to learn and listen. That process opens up big questions about your brand and the brand you want to be one, five, or ten years later.

    • Impactful brand storytelling should make waves, but success is just luck if it doesn’t have a foundation of research justifying it. That’s why our logo design process starts with research every time.